How we got started

Organization History

Uniting Our Youth, Inc. (UOY), organized in June 2008, is an IRS-designated 501 (C)3 non-profit organization in the District of Columbia. of Uniting Our Youth, LLC (UOY) located in Ward 5 and Ward 1. UOY is a recognized Washington, DC based nonprofit organization whose mission is to combat juvenile crime by providing life-readiness and social aptness skills to the youth of Washington, DC.

UOY provides hands-on support and guidance. Throughout the last few years. We have implemented programs such as one-on-one mentoring programs. UOY have gone into the schools to work with counselors on student attendance and monitoring. We brought volunteers into the program that introduced our youth and young adults to such training as resume writing, college tours, social behaviors, mock job interviews and more. We have young adults that have had run-ins with the law and who have had jail time to lecture on time and life behind bars. We also host the Summer Job Youth Programs; we had the Police Chief and other officials visit our program to joined us in mentoring our young adults and youth and discussion consequences of unlawful activities; we have partnered with other local organization to introduce our young folks into various science and mathematics activities to include: (1.) Learning environments that are challenging and personalized for each student. (2.) Mentors that are used as role models and advocates for students (3.) Students who are behind in school receive academic support by way of tutors (4.) Daily contact helps to identify struggling students who need early intervention.

We are cognizant that most teens become problem teens because they do not have anything else to do.  Youth need positive role models who can assist parents in developing strong values and beliefs in their children. This type of environment will lead to the development of more positive behavior in our youth as well as young adults. These factors help enhance bonding and healthy relationships, thereby minimizing the impact on the multi-generational risk cycles. Education, prevention, and early intervention are the keys to solving many of the breakdowns that occur in communities and families. UOY help families reach their full potential, which translates into youth and young adults developing skills which may lead to learning a trade, going to college, or becoming an entrepreneur. Without UOY interaction, many youth and young adults and their families may instead face a future dominated by failure in school, abuse, economic uncertainty, unstable environments, and dangerous neighborhoods.

Our Leadership

Meet Clarence Miles Executive Director

Clarence Miles, Executive Director, is a life-long resident of Washington, D.C. who attended Dunbar High School graduating in 1976. Mr. Miles developed a passion for uplifting the youth of our communities by providing the tools needed to fulfill their education, occupational and life goals. His experience with the increasing social problems in the District of Columbia, fortified his commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of at-risk youth and their families. His many certifications and grass roots outreach provided the framework for Mr. Miles to make a profound impact in the areas of Addiction, Youth and Family, and Gang Intervention.

Prior to the inception of Uniting Our Youth in 2008, Mr. Miles worked with community advocate organizations as a Youth Director/Outreach for the Alliance for Concern Men of Washington, DC. He served as Youth Counselor at Sasha Bruce Youthwork’s Bruce House a 24-hour youth emergency Safe House; a Program Monitor for Catholic Charities’ Saint Elizabeth 801 Homeless Shelter and a substance abuse counselor for Mulumba House. Mr. Miles also served as a mental health counselor at Community Connection and Life Stride.

Our Mission

To end the cycle of violence through compassion, education, mentoring and models of success one child at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision is a DC community where youth and young adults have the requisite knowledge and skills to become progressive civic citizens, neighbors, and leaders in their neighborhoods and in their lives.

Our Commitment

At Uniting Our Youth, community engagement involves the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources between the residents, youth and young adults and the public and private sectors to:

  • Enrich scholarship, research, and creative activity.
  • Enhance curriculum, teaching and learning.
  • Prepare educated, engaged and responsible citizens.
  • Benefit the community at the local, regional, state, national, and global levels.

    High School Grads

    Years Serving the DC Community

    Awards Won

    Community Partners

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    • Secretary to the Board
    • Treasurer
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    Sharon Wise

    Sharon Wise calls herself a “Surviving Spirit” and is a dynamic Motivational Speaker, National and International Artist, and Award-winning Film Maker who shares her journey of addiction, homelessness. Her life trials have now led to major triumphs.

    Jonah Orr Jr

    Treasurer and heads its Development Committee. He is graduate of American Intercontinental University with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting. He has over 15 years of non-profit accounting and financial management experience and recently held a Board of Director/Treasurer position with the National Hand Dance Association.

    Betty Gordon

    Secretary to the Board
    Betty Gordon functions as an Administrative Assistant, Outreach Worker, dispatcher where knowledge, experience and initiative will have valuable application, to apply recreational, counseling and community development which will utilize organizational and communication skills with an aptitude for interpersonal relations.

    Jackie Coachman

    Jackie Coachman is a longtime resident of Langston Dwellings and long time supporter of Uniting Our Youth she has served as a volunteer for the summer feeding program for four consecutive years and works tirelessly promoting our programs.

    Shana Sawyer

    Shana Sawyer came to UOY as a parent. By volunteering for a number of field trips and UOY events and activities, she brings enormous energy and commitment to the board and programs of UOY. Ms. Sawyer has served as a maintenance manager for a private cleaning firm.

    Meet The Team

    Our Board Of Directors

    Composed of leaders from the local community, the board of directors is involved in both shaping the direction of Uniting Our Youth as well as assisting in the direct activities our participants are involved in.  

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